Israeli prison
Israeli prisonAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The Israel Prisons Service announced on Saturday that the Israeli who was found unconscious in his cell in the Eshel Prison last week was declared dead.

The prisoner was identified as Juma'ah Abu Genima, who crossed the border into the Gaza Strip in 2016 and joined Hamas. He was arrested when he attempted to enter Israel in December 2023.

Abu Genima, a 26-year-old Bedouin resident of El-A'sam in the Negev, apparently committed suicide in his cell. As mentioned, he was arrested last December for crimes of assisting the enemy during the war and joining a terror organization, after in 2016, he crossed into the Gaza Strip, joined Hamas's military wing, and trained with it.

He gave the terror organization information on the locations of IDF bases in southern Israel, including Sde Teman, Re'im, and a military base in Be'er Sheva. After three months in the home of Hamas operatives, Abu Genima joined a basic training exercise. Later, he was sent for advanced training with Nukhba terrorists, where he trained to attack a city and capture a military base. Among other things, he learned to detonate explosives and bombs, fire RPGs, carry out ambushes, anti-tank warfare, and more.