Hananyah Ben-Shimon, who was wounded as he eliminated one of the terrorists who perpetrated the shooting attack near Maaleh Adumim last month returned to his home on Friday from the hospital.

He is expected to return for rehabilitation on Sunday. Maaleh Adumim residents greeted Ben-Shimon with music and Israeli flags.

Mayor-elect Guy Yifrach wrote: "Great excitement! Today, Hananyah Ben-Shimon, a hero of Israel, who eliminated one of the terrorists from the attack on Route 1 and saved many lives, returned home for a visit from the hospital. Dear Hananyah, Maaleh Adumim thanks you, cherishes you, and loves you. We wish you a speedy recovery and successful rehabilitation.

The attack claimed the life of 26-year-old Maaleh Adumim resident Matan Elmaliah. In addition, eight people were wounded, including a pregnant woman who was seriously wounded.

Hananyah, the son of media advisor Arik Ben-Shimon, was in the car with his mother when the attack transpired. He was released from reserve duty in the Gaza Strip about a week and a half earlier

He fired through the windshield, left his vehicle, and engaged and killed the terrorist at point-blank range. He was shot in his stomach and leg while doing so.