Floyd Mayweather dedicates ambucycles
Floyd Mayweather dedicates ambucyclesMagen David Adom

Fifteen-time boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather dedicated a fleet of Magen David Adom Medicycles. As the Israel-Gaza war rages on, the self-styled greatest of all time visited MDA's Marcus National Blood Services Center to show support for Israel in this time of need, MDA announced.

"Mayweather, known not only for his unparalleled achievements in the ring, but also for his philanthropic endeavors, graciously attended the ceremony. While he did not deliver a formal address, his heartfelt engagement with the staff left an indelible mark on everyone present," the organization stated.

"Earlier this year Mayweather was honored at a Magen David Adom Gala dinner in Miami, where he became enamored with the organization's work, across all spectrums of Israeli society, irrespective of religion, color or creed.

"Magen David Adom has been using Medicycles since 1948 when they inherited a number of motorcycles from the former British authorities. In 2003, they made it official with the first fully-fledged fleet, the likes of which Mayweather just dedicated.

"The event was particularly poignant as it brought together MDA personnel who had experienced the harrowing events of the October 7th attack on Israel. Mayweather's visit served as a beacon of hope and solidarity during challenging times, inspiring resilience and unity among those in attendance."

“We are truly grateful for Floyd Mayweather’s commitment and support at this dark time in our history," said Catherine Reed, CEO of American Friends of Magen David Adom. "The Floyd Fleet will save thousands of lives in record time and wouldn’t have been possible without him.”