During the tour
During the tourRoi Hadi

A group of senior Evangelical Christians who are close associates of former President Donald Trump toured Samaria along with the governor of Samaria, Yossi Dagan, and MK Ohad Tal (Religious Zionist Party).

The delegation included Tony Perkins, one of the most influential figures in the USA’s Evangelical community, Ellie Cohanim, the former Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, and Mario Bramnick, a Latin-American community leader and Israel advocate.

The tour took place as a part of the foreign relations unit of Samaria’s operations against the delegitimization of settlement in Judea and Samaria in Europe and the USA, as well as opposing the American idea of a two-state solution.

Dagan showed the delegation how narrow the state was from east to west from Israel's Lookout Park in Peduel, the location of Joseph's tomb, and brought them to a wine tasting at Har Bracha.

Dagan told the group: “I thank you for your support and friendship. Because of you, we know we are not alone. These are difficult days for us. We have had a terrible half a year. It is an honor for us that specifically at this time, you have come to support us, and I thank you for that. I believe that one day, they will ask all of us which side of history we chose during these fateful days, the right side of history with the truth or the side of lies. I know that you have chosen the right side of history. We are dealing with a campaign of delegitimization and lies against Israel and the settlements of Judah and Samaria from all over the world. Nevertheless, we know that if we stand together, we will be able to defeat the darkness.”

Perkins stated after the visit: “I am indebted to Yossi Dagan and his leadership for protecting this place. I thank the governor for the efforts he makes to protect this piece of land. I want you to know that we are with you.”

Perkins also gave a statement from Mitzpe Yosef: “We are standing on Har Bracha. The fact that, on this historic spot, the Children of Israel made their first covenant to God, is their proof that this is their land. Expelling the Jewish people from this land and establishing two states would be against the word of God. We stand with Israel and their right to determine their future, and oppose any attempts to divide the land.”

Bramnick added “It is an honor to meet the Governor of Samaria and visit Samaria for the first time. We felt obligated to visit this place after October 7th, due to the US administration's policy, but we are worried more than anything else about the push for a two-state solution. Judea and Samaria are the heart of Israel, and God gave the land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for eternity. No man or government has the right to oppose the will of God. We call for churches in the United States of America to oppose this.”

MK Tal welcomed the delegation: “This delegation's visit is a continuation of the historic decision that we made several days ago in the conservative media convention in the USA, according to which there would be no further use of the term West Bank. This piece of land will once again be called Judea and Samaria. We have emphasized during this visit the great danger of the two-state solution, not only to Israel but to the entire world. The vast majority of the American public stands with Israel, and I thank my friend the governor of Samaria for his cooperation and hosting this important delegation.”