Scene of last week's attack near Homesh
Scene of last week's attack near HomeshShomron Regional Council

Terrorists on Monday evening threw an explosive device at a military force near the Palestinian Arab village of Burqa, on the road leading to the town of Homesh. There were no injuries in the incident.

The incident is the latest in a series of attacks in northern Samaria in recent days.

On Thursday, terrorists fired several rounds near Homesh. On Friday, seven soldiers were injured in an IED attack near Homesh.

Three of the soldiers were moderately injured and four of them were lightly injured.

The Homesh Yeshiva on Monday evening urged the IDF to launch an operation against terrorist cells in northern Samaria.

"Day after day, explosive devices are set off in the area. The IDF must wake up before it is too late, the IDF must enter the villages in the area for an all-out operation against the terrorists. The settlement in northern Samaria will continue in spite of the opposition of Israel's enemies."