Michael Rapaport speaks with hostages' family membersEl Al

An EL-AL flight took off on Sunday night from Israel to New York carrying dozens of family members of hostages being held in Gaza who traveled to testify before the UN Security Council about Hamas' crimes against women in captivity.

During the flight, using the radio in the cockpit, Jewish-American actor Michael Rapaport spoke with two of the delegates, Yarden Gonen, the sister of Romi, who is still in captivity, and Ilan, the daughter of Aviva and Keith Segal. Aviva was released from captivity but Keith is still being held hostage.

"I know you're coming to New York, I know you guys are going to the UN, and I'm sure it has been an insane time. I just want you to know that me and my family and my wife, we're standing with you every single day and praying for you, we have your back supporting you 150% and what you're doing is very, very brave," Rapaport told the two women who sat in the cockpit behind the pilot.

Yarden, in turn, thanked the actor, "Many thanks for everything you do, all of your advocacy. And I see how you fight for us with your soul and your body and mind and your family, and it's so admirable, and it's not taken for granted. So thank you so much."

Ilan added: "I wanted to say thank you also. I am an American citizen and my dad is an American citizen, my parents were both kidnapped, from their house in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, Aviva Segal and Keith Segal. My dad is still there and I really believe that he has the hope that the American government and the American people are doing all they can to bring him home as soon as possible, as well as all the other hostages."