The destruction of Or Ahuvya
The destruction of Or AhuvyaCourtesy

Dozens of police officers and Civil Administratoin supervisors on Monday morning descended on the settlement of Or Ahuvya in the Binyamin Region.

Or Ahuvya was founded about one month ago, near the town of Ofra.

"Young girls who barricaded themselves on the roof were thrown to the ground from a height by police officers, and the girls' cellular phones were confiscated until the completion of the demolition, in order to prevent it from being recorded," residents recalled.

Or Ahuvya was founded on the strategic hill southeast of Ofra, by a group of young girls who were partners in the founding of the "Girls Hill" at Maoz Esther.

Among the residents of the hill is the sister of Ahuvya Sandak, after whom the hill was named. Or Ahuvya was founded ot be part of a chain of Jewish territorial settlements in the Ofra area, which includes Or Meir, Or Ahuvya, and two additional settlements near the town of Amona.

Last week, as part of an appeal filed by residents of the Palestinian Authority Arab town of Kafr Malik, the State has committed to the Supreme Court that it will demolish houses in the homestead of Maoz Esther in the Binyamin Region within three weeks, subject to operational considerations.