Yair Chetboun
Yair ChetbounArutz Sheva

Yair Chetboun, the Religious Zionist Party’s candidate for Mayor of Ariel in the runoff of the municipal elections that were held on Sunday, defeated Oren Hazan, the Likud candidate for the post and a former MK.

Chetboun won by a margin of about 2,038 votes and received 62.9% of the votes compared to 37.1% won by Hazan. Five residents ran for mayor in the first round.

The chairman of the Religious Zionist Party, Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich, congratulated Chetboun and said, "Yair has been with his soldiers in Gaza for the last few months, he brings his spirit of giving and mission from the front to the rear."

Smotrich added, "I congratulate the residents of Ariel on a worthy choice that will lead the city forward. Yair, we are with you in all our strength for the benefit of all the residents of the city.”

Chetboun is married to Moriah and a father of four. He resides in Ariel and, in 2018, ran for city council and won two seats.

Hazan served as an MK on behalf of the Likud between 2015 and 2019 and was known for a series of controversies.

Hazan was not afraid to confront Arab MKs over their anti-Israel actions and statements but also caused an uproar in his own party when he referred to his colleague, Yuli Edelstein, as “Stalin”.

In 2017, the Knesset's Ethics Committee decided to distance Hazan from plenum and committee deliberations for a period of six months after five complaints were submitted against him by Knesset members from various parties.

That year, Hazan was notably challenged to a fistfight at the Allenby Bridge by a Jordanian parliamentarian. While Hazan agreed to show up for the fight, the Jordanian parliamentarian bowed out.