Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday held an inter-ministerial security meeting at the IDF Central Headquarters in Tel Aviv to discuss the lack of room for security prisoners.

Netanyahu instructed the Finance, Defense, and National Security Ministries to urgently prepare thousands of places of confinement for new detainees and prisoners.

The order was given at the end of the meeting, during which the IDF and Shin Bet presented their estimates that in the year 2024, thousands of terrorists will be arrested in Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

Since the war began, approximately 4,000 terrorists have been rounded up, mostly in Gaza, and an urgent need has arisen to prepare to take in many additional detainees and prisoners.

During the meeting the Israel Prisons Service presented its plan for these preparations, relying on new systems for the short and medium term.

The meeting was held a week after dozens of administrative prisoners were unexpectedly released from Ofer Prison. Security officials said the prisoners were released since the detention facilities were full.

National Security Minister condemned the move and said that "the administrative prisoners who were released were not released because of a lack of room, but rather because of a direct order by the Shin Bet director as a 'gesture' ahead of Ramadan. The Prison Service had no say in the matter."

He added: "It is troubling that on the day when two Jews were murdered, the Shin Bet Director chooses to give a gesture to murderers, and this after the Shin Bet requests to extend the administrative detention of a Jewish settler for the second time.