Violent protests erupted in Amsterdam on Sunday as Israeli President Isaac Herzog inaugurated the newly opened National Holocaust Memorial Museum in the city.

Thousands of protesters waving PLO flags were heard chanting "never again is now" and "ceasefire now" at Waterloo Square in central Amsterdam, near the museum.

The protesters turned violent when demonstrators ignited fireworks and threw eggs at police while others tried to climb police vans.

A handful of pro-Israel counter-protesters waving Israeli flags and holding pictures of hostages were confronted by the pro-Palestinian protesters who shouted "shame on you", as law enforcement attempted to de-escalate tensions.

Combat Antisemitism Movement CEO Sacha Roytman commented on the demonstrations: "The violent protest we saw today is another painful manifestation of the disturbing level of antisemitic hatred proliferating across the globe today. The fact it occurred at the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam reminds us again of the urgent need to fight without compromise all who perpetrate, support, or justify acts of terrorism, murder, and violence against Jews."

In his speech, Herzog called for the release of the Israeli hostages held by Hamas, saying: "I ask you all to join me in prayer for the victims of the Shoah, and for the victims of hatred, terror, and antisemitism in the present, wherever they may be. Finally, in this shrine of prayer, let us pray for the immediate, safe return of our hostages. And let us pray for peace as in the words of the Jewish liturgy: “May the Lord give strength to his people, may the Lord bless his people with peace.”