Avichay Adraee
Avichay AdraeeIDF

The IDF’s Arabic spokesman, Avichay Adraee, published a post on his X account in which he called for citzens of Lebanon to contact the Mossad and collaborate with Israel.

“I have recently received messages from Lebanese citizens, including those identifying themselves as Hezbollah operatives, who expressed their concern that Hezbollah will bring Lebanon the same fate as Gaza, ISIS, and Hamas, asking to contact Israeli officials,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately, I am not authorized for these purposes, and so cannot offer any direct answers. I can, however, direct you to the official Mossad Facebook page, which is marked with a blue check to indicate its authenticity. That is where you can find the best way to improve your situation.”

“I understand your desire for a better situation for your country, and wish you all a better life and future,” he concluded.