Gallant and Austin
Gallant and AustinAriel Hermoni/IMoD

On Thursday night, Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant spoke with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Minister Gallant briefed the Secretary on developments in the war against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, and the progress made in reaching the goals of the war: the destruction of Hamas as a military and governing authority, and the return of hostages to their homes.

Minister Gallant also discussed the issue of intercepting sources of tangible and digital currency that are transferred to Hamas, as a significant component in the destruction of the organization’s capabilities. In this regard, he detailed a range of resources that are dedicated to the effort, within the Ministry of Defense and the IDF.

Gallant also emphasized that the return of hostages is the highest moral obligation of the State of Israel and that military pressure will be intensified to this end. The hostage situation is also an international humanitarian crisis that requires global awareness and action. In this regard, he expressed his appreciation to Secretary Austin and the US administration for their efforts and leadership in addressing the issue.

Minister Gallant and Secretary Austin also touched on the northern arena, as well as growing regional challenges as a result of Iran’s proxy activities.

The two concluded their discussion with Gallant expressing his appreciation to Secretary Austin for his unwavering commitment to Israel’s security and the ongoing partnership between the defense establishments.