VP of Ecuador, Verónica Abad Rojas, tours Samaria
VP of Ecuador, Verónica Abad Rojas, tours SamariaElichai Menachem

Vice President of Ecuador, Verónica Abad Rojas, toured Samaria this week together with Samaria Council head, Yossi Dagan.

This is the first visit of a senior official from Ecuador in Judea and Samaria. The country is a member of the Security Council and has regularly voted against Israel.

The visit was accompanied by Archbishop Malki-Sadeq, formerly of Bethlehem, who is working together with the head of the Samaria Council to create an alternative and opposition to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas’ path of terror.

Dagan took the Vice President to the "Balcony of the State" in Pedu'el, where one can get a full view of the entire coastal plain of Israel, and to Joseph's observation point towards Mount Gerizim and Mount Eval. The two toured a factory in the Barkan industrial zone, visited the community of Har Bracha and the local winery. Rojas did not hide her excitement about visiting the historical sites in Samaria.

“I am grateful for the invitation to this important place. It is a great honor for me to be here. The Jewish people have lived in this land for many years. We are here to show the world that this is reality, and that it is possible to live in peace; peace between people with different opinions. The only thing this wonderful nation wants is justice and peace. Let's try to be brave in this place where history speaks for itself," said Rojas.

Addressing the residents of Samaria, she said: "To all the residents of this wonderful place, I support you. I have learned from you about standing up even in bad times. You are proof that there is light in the darkness."

Dagan explained the UNRWA problem to the Vice President, as they saw the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, saying that “UNRWA is the UN refugee organization that has perpetuated the status of refugees for 75 years. This is proof that a Palestinian state is the problem, not the solution," he added.

The Vice President asked how she could help Israel in the UN’s Security Council, and Dagan replied: "First of all, tell the truth, that this is the land of the Jewish people. The Jewish people building up the Land of Israel is not only historical justice for them, but for the entire world. The second thing you can do is to recognize that there are not two equal sides here. One side wants to kill, and the other side wants peace. Therefore, we must back the side that wants peace."

“It is exciting to see a leader as respected and important as you, not only in your own country, but also internationally, who’s heart and conscience are both on the right side of history. We share the same values and a common desire for justice on a global level. Every person must ask himself whether he is on the moral side of history. Your visit is the beginning of a strategic connection between your country and the State of Israel and the residents here in Samaria. Our goal is for each of us to strengthen our own country, and to strengthen each other’s, not only because of our roots and conscience, but also for a better future. When there is justice and morality and conscience, then the future is also much better," said the council head.

"Until now, 30 years after the Oslo Accords, we have received only blood, both for Jews and Arabs. We have to find another way. If we tell the Jews to withdraw from their homeland and there will be peace, we have seen what happened. On the contrary, if we strengthen justice and live here, so maybe, we will reach a point where there will be peace and security. The biggest problem is ignorance. The fact that you come here also shows who you are. I welcome more senior leaders and leadership to come here, to see with their own eyes, and get to know each other. Samaria and Israel are your home," he concluded.

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