There is so much hypocrisy in this world.

On October 7th our people were raped, kidnapped and slaughtered and the world continues on.

Our people are being held hostage – something the world has never before encountered on this scale – and we are being pressured to make a deal with an organization who is on our border who openly says they will do it again.

We are criticized for so many things, but why has no one asked:

-Why haven’t the people of Gaza revolted against Hamas if they don’t support them?

-What evidence is there that all of them aren’t Hamas?

This “Palestinian” state the world is clamoring for would be fully Judenrein. No Jews would be permitted to live in this country – just as no Jews were permitted in Gaza.

Why on earth are America and all of these Westerners so quick to create a fundamentalist state which is openly devoted to killing Jews?

This enemy who refuses to even deliver our people simple medicines is dictating terms to the United States for a deal as President Biden and VP Harris rebuke Israel publicly.

-Many Israelis rightfully ask the question why do the Gazans receive any humanitarian aid when our people get nothing?

-Many rightfully ask why does Israel have any responsibility for a people who is our enemy?

As we hear criticism, we also see both Hamas and Hezbollah firing rockets at civilian populations, without even pretending to be firing at military targets and there’s no talk of genocide. They openly say they want our whole country – from the river to the sea - and there’s no talk of genocide.

No talk here of collective punishment, no talk of war crimes. Silence, naturally from the antisemitic UN, and silence from the antisemitic Jew haters on college campuses and worldwide. Now we realize who the Jew haters are.

As part of this ridiculous insanity on February 1, Biden issued an executive order “imposing certain sanctions on persons undermining peace, security, and stability in the West Bank” and targeted Jewish “settlers” who haven’t been tried in any court of law for crimes like graffiti, vandalism, petty larceny, all things which if committed in a Democratic city like New York aren’t prosecutable.

And the true reason these Jews who live in the ancient Jewish homeland were targeted is because America wants to pressure the Netanyahu government.

Nearly all of the people of Israel support this war. That is what bothers Biden.

And of course, the media are simply anti-Semitic Jew haters.

Catherine Philp, World Affairs Editor of the Times of London this week in a journalist forum with hundreds of journalists covering the Gaza war claimed no proof of Hamas sexual violence (!!!) going so far as to claim her newspaper hired a dark web investigator who couldn’t find any evidence of such. She said we “have a duty to stick to the facts and honor the victims and survivors,” and that the UN report is “on the nose.”

Most likely Times of London hired UNWRA if they couldn’t find any evidence. This is what we are dealing with – someone who thinks the video of Naama Levy with bloody pants or naked Shani Louk or the IDF films the New York Times wrote about or many of the other brutal things we have seen isn’t enough evidence. She has years of anti-Israel reporting behind her.

So many – from the UN to the media – refuse to acknowledge the mass sexual violence against our people – a first in a world where we have always been taught that women must be trusted and listened to.

As Brett Stephens rightfully wrote in The New York Times, as Hamas denies the rape charges one wonders why does the world not believe us?

“The interesting question is, why? Why the refusal to believe that Hamas, which butchered children in their beds, took elderly women as hostages and incinerated families in their homes, would be capable of that? I’ll get to that in a moment, but first it’s worth looking at the forms this left, the worth of Israeli witnesses seems to be even lower.

"But it’s the first two types of denialism that are in some ways the most shocking, because they are also the most hypocritical.

"Wasn’t it progressives who, during the Brett Kavanaugh saga, stressed that occasional discrepancies in the memory of traumatic events are absolutely normal? And since when have progressives insisted that the burden of proof for demonstrating a pattern of sexual assault lies with the victims, most of whose voices have, in this case, been silenced forever?

"How quickly the far-left pivots from “believe women” to “believe Hamas” when the identity of the victim changes. If, God forbid, a gang of Proud Boys were to descend on Los Angeles to carry out the kinds of atrocities Hamas carried out in Israeli communities, I’m pretty sure no one on the left would devote any energy trying to poke holes in who got raped, much less how or when.” Thus Bret Stephens.

Our war in Gaza is a response to evil and our need to destroy Hamas is a need for our survival and will protect the West. We know well that we stand alone, and we know well that we are right.

Am Israel chai.

Ronn Torossian is an Israeli American entrepreneur and philanthropist.