MK Tzvi Succot
MK Tzvi SuccotIsrael National News

The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee voted Tuesday to approve a law put forward by MK Yitzhak Pindrus (UTJ) for its second and third readings.

The proposed law would allow victims of terror and their families to file civil claims against those who pay or give compensation for committing acts of terror, and to receive damages for as much as 10 million shekels for each victim who was murdered and 5 million for anyone permanently disabled.

During the deliberations, the National Security Council added a paragraph to the law according to which in the case of the Palestinian Authority, the damages could only be collected from funds that Israel has frozen anyway.

In response, Mk Tzvi Succot (Religious Zionism) called to cancel the paragraph, and presented his own revision along with MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud). The Committee will therefore meet again Wednesday morning to discuss the paragraph in question.

“It makes no sense that in the fight against terror, there should be a paragraph that so dramatically changes the existing situation, in which the Finance Minister can deduct or freeze funds, and to limit the opportunities to collect funds for victims of terror,” Succfot stated.