Knesset member Almog Cohen (Otzma Yehudit) spoke to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News about politics and about war, and about being a father and a regular citizen on October 7th.

He says that his English is not fluent, but he is trying to do his best in order to get his message across “to our brothers worldwide, that Israel is not fighting its own war. Israel is fighting the war of the entire world, because we have so many things in common with the people in the USA, or the UK and Europe, and we also have the same problems."

"Israel is the door to heaven or the door to hell. We are doing our best to be the door to heaven and we are fighting the fight of humanity to save the world from tyranny and terror. So that's why we are doing that, and we are winning.”

MK Cohen believes that one day the world will realize that Israel is fighting the war for everybody and “October 7th is possibly going to be the first chapter in this book, because I feel that not all people understand what we've been through since that day; the slaughter and the murder of our innocent people. Not everyone understands that it is going to happen in Europe as well. I really hope that I am wrong, but Europe made a big mistake when it opened its door to all the immigrants and now they are paying the price, but they have to understand this is not the maximum price. The price will be very much higher."

"As I said, I hope that I am wrong, because we won’t let that happen. We are going to protect Europe, we have the same interests. We are liberal here in Israel. We love life. We love our family. We believe that the world will be a greater and better place. We will win our fight and we will win the fight for the rest of the world.”

MK Cohen is not only a Knesset member who sits comfortably in his chair. He also goes out to fight. Many people might not know this but MK Cohen fought against the terrorists on October 7th.

"I'm not a fighter. I'm just a father and on that horrific morning the Nukhba forces of Hamas were knocking on our door in my city of Ofakim. They reached 400 meters from my home and when I heard that alarm, I took my family to the shelter. After about 20-25 minutes I started to hear shooting of an MK47. I served in the Yasam special police force for 11 years, so I know that sound very well. When I heard that they murdered and slaughtered residents on that street, in my neighborhood, I understood at that moment that I am not member of the Knesset, or a member of the parliament, I'm Almog the father of Gaya, Ella and Negev. I have to protect them and protect the innocent people who were killed over there. So, I took my pistol, and I took three magazines and my police officer hat and I went out fighting with my friends, my brothers in arms. We had a lot of casualties over there, a lot of injured people and I was out there for about two and a half hours.”

MK Cohen tells about the famous “hostage situation, in the house of Rachel, who is known throughout Israel, when she baked cookies for the terrorists. By the way, her husband passed away last week, and he is one of the casualties of post trauma. So we understood that we had five hostages inside the house. We froze the fighting and called in the negotiation team and Yamam counterterrorism unit. After 14 hours they broke into that house, killed all five terrorists and rescued Rachel and her husband alive.”

MK Cohen says he is “really proud of my friends, the citizens of Ofakim, the police officers. Some of my brothers were killed there, but they didn't fall alone, they fell with their gun, their pistol, in their hands. They didn't fight alone and we didn't fight alone. We had this feeling that something was pushing us in our backs. It was an amazing feeling, because it is a very irrational thing to run into the fire. You know you're going to die and we saw all of our friends’ bodies and we knew we were going to be next. But but we felt something pushing us in our back. I think that it was, of course, God and also our brothers worldwide. I thought to myself ‘this is the 9/11 of Israel, and from here we will rise. We have to kill all of them and we will, don't worry.’”

Cohen is a member of Knesset on behalf of the Otzma Yehudit party. He states that “I never apologize about anything that I've done or think. In our situation you have to choose between being politically correct and being realistic. I prefer to be realistic. I prefer that my children will live in that world that is a good place, a healthy place, without any kind of horror or that a radical Muslim will kill them and slaughter them. I'm not looking for everyone to love me. This is not my goal. But I really feel that my kids and the people who sent me to the mission to represent them in the Israeli Parliament have to love me and they will love me if I look at their problems in the eye and solve them. I will not run away from them, because we've tried to do that for so many years. The world is afraid of conflict, afraid to look at the problems in the eye and solve them. And that is what I am doing, looking them in the eye and solving those problems.”

MK Cohen adds that he has “a good relationship with Otzma Yehudit’s leader Itamar Ben Gvir" even though they disagree on certain issues sometimes.

"In a good relationship we agree on some topics and on others not. We are similar, but we are also different. We are not like the Yesh Atid party, we are not dictators. Everyone can think what they want. This is the new politician, the ability to say what I feel. Like Donald Trump" whom Cohen said he admires.

On the day after the war, when there's going to be a full victory MK Cohen says that “I'm not thinking too much about the day after. My philosophy about this situation is that we are trying to be people that we are not. Here in the Middle East, we want to be living in the new age, but we have to understand that we are surrounded by Arabs, and this is a jungle. In the jungle you don't talk about the day after the war, you talk about the war. You're trying to survive, you're trying to kill your enemies and I think that this is a very big mistake of many politicians here in Israel...Let's solve the problems we have today and then I promise you that we can talk about whatever you want. But now I have to tell our enemies ‘I'm here for you. I'm here to kill you. I'm here to make you surrender. I'm here to make you suffer after what you did to us.’ The new world is very afraid of world vengeance. I think vengeance is the most humanitarian thing. After they raped our women, after they cut the heads off babies, that people are still denying, after they burned houses while the families were still inside, like barbarians. They were not looking to fight against our soldiers, they were going from house to house, from home to home, to kill innocent people. So, yes, I want vengeance. I think this is the most humanitarian thing to do. If we don’t do this, it will come knocking on Europe’s doors.”

MK Cohen believes that “there's going to be victory only if we fight till the end. We have to go into Rafah and eliminate Hamas, not leaving even one alive. We can compare the Gaza Strip to a human body. The legs are in the north and the head is in the south. If we want to kill off Hamas, we have to cut the throat, which is in the south, in the Philadelphi Route, in Rafah. All the bad things of Gaza have come from Rafah, and if we don’t take care of that now, in 10, 15, 20 years, October 7th will happen again.”

In conclusion, MK Cohen comments on the haredi draft law and claims that “if anyone is learning Torah, I agree that they should [continue] learning, but others are needed in the army. We are facing many challenges as a nation, and we need them. I believe that those who are studying can [continue] studying, because that also helps us. I think that on that morning we felt that God was next to us, and our brothers didn't die alone, they died with God next to them.”