Maxwell (left)
Maxwell (left)Courtesy of the family

Patnibin Maxwell, a thirty-one-year-old foreign worker from the Kerala region of India, has been confirmed as the man killed by an antitank missile fired at northern Israel on Monday.

Maxwell first arrived in Israel two months ago. He is survived by a five-year-old daughter, two brothers, and a wife who is seven months pregnant.

His father Antonio told Indian media: “We learned of my son's death at half-past midnight. I have three children, two in Israel and one in Abu Dhabi. My oldest told me that the body would be sent within four days, after he inquired at the embassy.”

The missile wounded nine people, two seriously, four moderately, and the rest mildly. The victims were evacuated by IAF helicopters to various hospitals. All are suffering from shrapnel injuries.

The IDF retaliated with a series of airstrikes against Hezbollah installations in multiple localities throughout southern Lebanon.