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Alexander MaistrovoyA. Maistrovoy

Alexander Maistrovoy is a graduate of Moscow Univ. in Journalism, worked there in his field and made aliyah in 1988. He works at the Russian language newspaper Novosty Nedely, has had articles posted on many internet sites and authored “Ways of God” about different religious and ethnic groups in the Holy Land, Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger), and with Mark Kotliarsky the Russian book Jewish Atlántida.

In April 711, the governor of Tangier, Tariq ibn Ziyad, with only 9 thousands of his soldiers landed in Iberia. By 719, the Arabs were already standing near Toulouse, and in 720 – they were at the Rhone delta. The Iberian Peninsula was captured in less than 10 years. This was a stunning success; medieval Europe was not ready for anything like this.

Arabs are excellent psychologists. They “feel their enemy”, analyze his weaknesses and strengths, draw conclusions from their victories and defeats - at different times and in different places. And they are infinitely faithful to their dream: the revival of the Caliphate. This aim justifies all means.

The key event that changed the collective consciousness of the Arab world was the victory in Afghanistan over the Soviet army. A powerful totalitarian superpower that had neither moral doubts, nor reflections was defeated by irregular formations of the “Mujahideen.” That was the first turning point. If the “Mujahideen” were able to win the Soviet army, then what would prevent them from coping with the loose, insecure, notorious, and confused West?

This gave impetus to Islamic ambitions, the consequences of which were 9/11, mass terror, al-Qaeda, ISIS.

The second turning point was the panicked and chaotic flight of the US from Afghanistan. The most powerful army of the Western world, abandoning its weapons and allies, fled in front of the irregular Taliban units, which entered Kabul without firing a single shot.

On October 7, Islam won (“thanks” to the Israeli military and intelligence establishment) its third brilliant victory. Regardless of whether Israel succeeds in uprooting the Hamas structure in Gaza or not, this bloody raid has already gone down in history as a symbol of Muslim triumph. The "Zionist entity", until now yet another hard nut to crack in the path of Muslim aspirations, was (temporarily or not, we have to find out) thrown under the hooves of the Islamic horsemen. Thus a new milestone appeared on the path to the longed-for dream.

There is no doubt that this success is now being studied by the Arabs and will be reproduced: in another place and another time.


The answer is obvious - Europe. It suggests itself to you.

First is the motive. The Arabs began to dream of conquering the Old World immediately after the so-called “Arab Spring”, enthusiastically supported by stupid Western liberals.

Let's recollect:

*Muhammad Badie, the General Guide of the Egyptian MB promised that: “improvement of Muslim nation can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice”;

*Muhammad Mursi's advisor Cleric Safwat Higazi talked about “United States of the Arabs” with capital in Jerusalem (If it weren’t for Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, hated by Obama and the liberals, Egypt had long been in the power of the Muslim Brotherhood);

* Theologian Ibrahim Al-Khouli said that “We must conduct jihad against the West”;

* The main preacher of “Muslim Brotherhood” Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi declared that after fall of Constantinople in 1453, “Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor”;

* Dr. Subhi Al-Yaziji, dean of Koranic studies at the Islamic University of Gaza (HAMAS is branch of MB), called to “conquer Andalusia and the Vatican” after Palestine. (Shortly after that, Spain opened a consulate in Gaza in March 2013).

Today it is difficult NOT to find an Islamic cleric who does NOT call for this. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”, - wrote Victor Hugo.

From the Arabs' point of view, their time has come. If the mighty USSR, and then the USA and the “Zionists” with their one of the most technically equipped armies in the region, trembled under their pressure, then what can we say about spineless, pampered Europe that has lost faith in itself?

So, we have a powerful motivation. How does it meet our possibilities?

Here we come to the second point.

After World War II, Europe did not exist as an independent military power. It was entirely dependent on the US. Its entire policy was aimed at pacifying the Islamic world. (Except for post-Soviet Eastern Europe).

But the US withdrawal from the world stage is inevitable. We do not know in what form this will happen: whether the “Red-Green alliance” represented by the [non] Democratic Party will establish itself in the White House; whether Trump will win, and the ruling oligarchy will plunge the country into the abyss of civil war; whether America will break up into red and blue states; whether it will fall in the grip of anarchy.

However most likely America will be busy with itself in the coming decades, and the big question remains – if it will survive as a unified and capable state. One way or another, the US will not be able to come to the aid of anyone, including Europe.

What can Western European countries oppose to the armies of the Arab states?

Let's compare, for example, the Spanish and the Moroccan armies.

Spanish (left) vs Moroccan (2024):

Active Military Manpower: 133 000/196 000;

Reserve Military Manpower – 15 000/150 000;

Combat Tank Fleet – 327/1564;

Self-Propelled Artillery – 96/565;

Towed Artillery – 140/306;

Multiple Launch Rocket Projector (MLRS) vehicle fleet – 0/208;

Spain has air superiority, but otherwise its army (just as armies of other European states) is not comparable to the armies of the Arab states of the Mediterranean.

A rapid invasion of the Iberian Peninsula by even a small part of this army, like Hamas did on October 7, would lead to the collapse of Spain.

Still military imbalance is only a part of the problem. An even bigger problem is the “fifth column”.

There were about 2.5 million Muslims living in Spain as of 2022. This is not much, but their growth is about 4.5%. Masses of Muslims, as in all European countries, undergo an intoxication in mosques built with the money of Arab sheikhs.

There is not the slightest doubt what their reaction to the invasion of the fellow believers will be. Terrorist attacks, riots, sabotage, violence, and blocking of key highways will plunge the country into a chaos. They will be supported by the extreme left, as we saw clearly in the example of Israel, and perhaps by a part of the globalist ruling establishment.

Spanish youth, raised on the myths of interfaith “harmony in Andalusia”, are completely devoid of national or religious identification, not to mention the readiness for self-sacrifice that we saw among young Israelis.

No one will come to Spain's aid. The French and British armies are themselves extremely weak, and their own countries will be engulfed in violence. If the massacre of October 7 provoked such an insane psychosis, it is not difficult to imagine what would happen after the invasion by the Arab armies of Melilla and Ceuta (two Spanish port cities on the northern shore of Africa), and then the Iberian Peninsula.

Each country will think about its own salvation, and each one will have very bad chances of salvation, except for Eastern Europe.

Islam is a predator: attentive, cunning, absolutely merciless. The West is a prey: timid, trusting, having lost the instinct of self-preservation. The outcome is obvious.

This scenario looks like a phantasmagoria, but all the key events of the recent history looked like this just a minute before they became a reality: the collapse of the USSR, 9/11, the fall of Arab regimes, BLM pogroms in the USA and progressive madness, and finally, October 7.

However, by means of interpolating current events and trends, we can try to discern the contours of the future.

In 1969, a Soviet dissident Andrei Amalrik wrote the essay “Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?” The USSR was then at the zenith of its glory. Amalrik was off by only 6 years...