The Canadian Jewish Advocacy Federation reports that a large group of protesters is attempting to intimidate a Jewish community in Montreal.

“An aggressive and physically intimidating mob is surrounding the Jewish community's central building in Cote-des-Neiges. The demonstrators are attempting to block access to the building and are harassing those trying to enter,” the organization tweeted.

“This is not about political views or a foreign conflict; it's an intentional intimidation of Jewish Montrealers,” the CJAF declared. “The protests we've decried for weeks have escalated into a hate mob targeting Jewish institutions.”

“Local police are on-site. Arrests must be made. This cannot be tolerated on the streets of Montreal. Calling for intifada, terrorism against civilians, is not peaceful protest,” the CJAF insisted.

“The time for condemnations is over. Jews must be able to gather without the need for protection. We will never go anywhere again. Now we ask our leaders: what more needs to happen for you to grasp the gravity of the situation?”