Red Cross vehicle making its way to transport hostages
Red Cross vehicle making its way to transport hostagesFlash 90

A Hamas leader claimed on Monday that the organization doesn't know how many of the hostages it kidnapped to the Gaza Strip in its October 7 attack on Israel are still alive.

"Of the prisoners, we don't know exactly who among them are alive or dead, killed because of strikes or hunger," Bassem Naim, a senior Hamas leader, told AFP from Cairo.

"There are prisoners held by numerous groups in multiple places" across the Strip, he claimed.

Naim added that "a ceasefire is necessary so that we can carry out (checks) on this issue... regarding the names, numbers and their status whether alive or dead."

His comments come amid the ongoing negotiations in Cairo for a truce in Gaza which would see Hamas releasing the hostages it is holding.

Last week, senior Israeli officials said that Israel made it clear to mediators Egypt and Qatar that it will not hold another round of talks on a hostage release deal until Hamas presents a list of the hostages who are alive.

Hamas on Sunday sent a response to the proposal for a hostage release deal, but did not include the names of those hostages who are still alive, in contradiction to Israel's demand.

All members of the War Cabinet have agreed that there is no reason to send an Israeli delegation to Cairo or Qatar if there is no basis for negotiations. So long as Hamas refuses to provide details and move forward, Israel will not cooperate and will not even send a delegation to the talks.

Naim claimed on Monday that details on the status of the hostages "were not mentioned in any documents or proposals circulated during the negotiation process".