Searching for Hymanut
Searching for HymanutIDU

Hymanut Kassou, a 9-year-old girl from Tzfat, has been missing for more than a week with no sign of her whereabouts. Thousands of emergency responders and volunteers, led by the Israel Police, are searching for her throughout northern Israel.

She was last seen on Sunday, February 25, at 9 Tzahal Street in Tzfat. There has been no sign of her since.

The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in working dogs that have been part of the search for eight consecutive days, stated that the search includes both urban areas and the rough terrain of Israel’s mountainous northern regions.

A wide variety of advanced search equipment has been employed, including a specialized digital application to track the search progress.

Due to the age of the victim and the length of time that has elapsed since she disappeared, the search is considered to be a high-risk case. A special religious dispensation was obtained to carry on the search operation through Shabbat.