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The United Nations released its report today (Monday) on the evidence of mass rape committed on October 7 and concluded that there is “reasonable grounds to believe” that Hamas terrorists committed acts of rape and mass rape and other forms of sexual violence during the massacre in southern Israel.

The report further stated that there is strong evidence that the hostages kidnapped by Hamas were subjected to sexual violence and that such violence may be continuing against the 134 hostages who are still being held captive in Gaza.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan said in response to the release of the report: "It took the United Nations five months to finally recognize the sexual crimes committed on October 7th during Hamas’ massacre."

"Today, with the release of the report on the sexual abuse that Israeli female hostages are enduring, the shame of the UN is on clear display. The UN has not held even one discussion on the topic. Not even one meeting!" he said.

"The meaning of a ceasefire is to lengthen the suffering of the hostages. Any call for a ceasefire is blatant support for Hamas to continue their sexual violence!

"I call on the Secretary-General and the Security Council to immediately condemn Hamas for their crimes, and apply unrelenting pressure on the terrorists to ensure that their sexual abuse ends and that the hostages are released!" Ambassador Erdan concluded.

The Hostages Families Forum Headquarters said in response to the report, "What more needs to be said or done for Netanyahu and the cabinet members to be determined to stop the cruelty that the female hostages and male hostages endure day after day?"

"It is glaringly obvious that the female hostages are going through hell every moment, every minute.

"At this time, the IDF maintains a strong presence in Gaza and along its borders, giving Israel the upper hand. Simultaneously, the Paris outline has been approved by all parties involved in the agreement. The discussion of minor details must not be allowed to undermine this agreement.

"The people of Israel will not forgive Prime Minister Netanyahu and the cabinet if they fail to put an end to the horrific acts the hostages have already endured for 150 days," the he Hostages Families Forum Headquarters stated.