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Attorney Yaacov Epstein, who will be taking part in the Israel Real Estate Expo in six locations across North America, visited the Arutz Sheva - Israel National News studio in Jerusalem to talk about the demand for properties in Israel.

“Since October 7th, things have changed in Israel. The first few weeks it was silence. Clients of mine told me ‘Let's see what's going on, we'll wait to see what's going to happen with the war’. About three or four weeks into the war, I started seeing an increase in demand. Today, the demand is unreal - I've seen as much as 500% more demand than what I've seen in the past.”

Epstein says that the demand is motivated by more than just emotion: “I think we have the antisemitism pushing, and people realizing that now is the time to achieve their dream and buy their home in Israel. In terms of the mind, it's a good investment, because of the interest rates in the past year or two that went up, and due to the war, the Israelis are buying less.”

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The war has also created unique benefits for those hoping to buy immediately: “I hear from all my clients that they believe that after the war the prices will shoot up, and currently, because of the war, there's a lot of opportunities for payment schedules, loans without interest, and so on.”

Buying real estate in Israel is a complex process, though, and requires expert assistance. “You must have a professional. Since you're buying in a foreign country, you have to be aware of how things are done. In Israel, things are different than what you need in the United States. You need a professional who will hold your hand through the process, ensure that you won't suffer the pitfalls, and ensure that you won't be paying any extra cost charges.”

He explains what proper professional assistance in the field should entail: ‘’I hold our hand through the process, from beginning to end, from now until they take possession. I ensure their safety, that they will be aware of the process, and I'll give them the tools to understand what they're going through. That way, it will be done right.”

Epstein intends to help people start this process at the upcoming Israel real estate expo: ‘’Anyone who wants to know about how it works or wants to get advice, this is your opportunity to meet me and hear about it. You'll be able to ask me any question that comes to mind - for free.”