Yair Mor in the Knesset
Yair Mor in the KnessetKnesset Channel

Yair Mor of the Tikva Forum, brother of Eitan Mor, who was taken hostage to Gaza, participated in a Knesset debate on Monday and said he did not understand the discussion on easing restrictions for Palestinian Authority Arabs during Ramadan.

"Hamas destroyed the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah for us, so the simple equation is that they should not have Ramadan either. They talk to us about the easing restrictions for them, that we should reach some wanton deal before Ramadan. Why? Because it's a so-called holy holiday. So no, Ramadan is a holiday of murdering Jews. It's not a holy holiday. Who cares about their Ramadan? We care about our hostages. Because we care about the hostages, we should be increasing the military pressure, especially during Ramadan, so that they see not to mess with us," said Mor.

"I don't understand how all the Israeli media is talking about Ramadan and not about military pressure that will lead us to the hostages? Common sense says is that we should be increasing military pressure throughout the month of Ramadan. Any normal, life-seeking country, anyone who wants the hostages alive and home now, will increase military pressure, especially during Ramadan," he added.

He stressed that, "We must not agree to a partial and dangerous deal that will sentence my brother to more years in captivity, because there is talk of a deal for 40 hostages now. Any deal that doesn't include everyone is bad."

"In order to reach a deal, we must come from a position of power. We should be the local bully, not Hamas. I don't understand how they still dictate the terms of the deal to us. How come we still don't have a list of all the live hostages who will be released in any deal? I support the Prime Minister who is not willing to move things forward until we receive a list of all the hostages, whether alive or dead. Already 150 days have passed and we have no idea who is alive and who is dead. This is just ridiculous.

"I call on the War Cabinet not to take Ramadan into account in any way, [and] to increase the military pressure, because if the Cabinet says that military pressure will lead to the release of the hostages, then we must increase the military pressure," Mor concluded.

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