Neta Ben-Ami
Neta Ben-AmiSpokesman, Assuta Hospital

Neta Ben-Ami, a midwife at Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital and a resident of Kibbutz Sa'ad near the Gaza border, returned home only last weekend after being evacuated from her home nearly five months ago.

When she returned, she decided to wear a yellow headscarf until all the Israeli hostages held captive in Gaza have returned home.

"Since that Black Sabbath, I have been praying and saying Psalms for the return of the hostages and for the safety of our soldiers who are risking their lives for all of us. Since that Black Sabbath, I have also been evacuated from my home, Kibbutz Sa'ad, near Gaza, until yesterday, when we were given permission to return," said Ben-Ami.

"I was wondering what else can I do, as part of the struggle and to maintain awareness that our people, our brothers and sisters, are still being held captive by Hamas. I decided to buy a yellow headscarf and wear it every day until they come home," she added.

"I don't know if and to what extent this minor action can help – but I do know that I must do everything I can and implement all the means at my disposal on behalf of the hostages. I call on all women wearing headscarves to join me and help, in our way, the return of the hostages to their homes," she concluded.

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