Iran’s judiciary said on Sunday it executed a “terrorist” over a drone attack that targeted a defense ministry site in central Iran last year, AFP reported, citing Iranian state media.

According to the report, the person who was executed “planned to explode the workshop complex of the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan under guidance of the intelligence officer of the Mossad.”

The date of the execution and the identity of the accused person were not immediately clear.

Iran has several known nuclear research sites in the Isfahan region, including a uranium conversion plant.

The drone attack on the Isfahan plant in January of 2023 was attributed to Israel. Iran’s intelligence ministry said a month later that it had arrested the “main actors” involved in the attack.

Iran regularly accuses Israel of acts of sabotage on its soil, and regularly captures and executes individuals accused of spying for Israel.

Last month, Iran claimed that it executed four people who allegedly spied for the Mossad. Iran claimed that the four had met Mossad chief David Barnea and trained in Africa, entering Iran through the Kurdish region in Iraq.

In December, Iran announced it had executed an “Israeli Mossad spy” in the country’s southeast.

Last year, Iran executed four Iranian men who were accused of cooperating with the Mossad and of receiving instruction from a Mossad carrier based in Sweden.

In 2020, Iran executed a man convicted of spying on its forces for the US and Israel.