HarelCourtesy of the family

Chana Sa'idov, mother of Harel Sa'idov, who was severely injured while fighting in Gaza on Friday, spoke to Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about her son's condition, requesting that the public pray for his recovery.

"Harel is in the ICU at Soroka Hospital," she said. "Right now he is sedated and 50% respirated. This morning there was an improvement in his condition, and he is in serious but stable condition."

"We feel your embrace and prayers. It supports us and it helps Harel recover. Despite the worry, the uncertainty, and the many concerns, we are very thankful to the Creator of the World that He placed us in the best place for us. We are strengthened by you and we would like to offer a reminder: The eternal nation does not fear a long journey, and it will live and exist forever. Continue praying and the miracles will [also] continue."

Sa'idov then requested that the public pray for her son, Harel, the son of Chana, as well as for another friend who was with him.

"Pray also for his friend, Oz Okampo, Oz, the son of Smadar," she said.