Ishay Ribo with Jewish students singing on stages
Ishay Ribo with Jewish students singing on stagesPR

Singer Ishay Ribo held two concerts last week in Boston for Jewish students at Harvard University, amid vicious outbursts of antisemitism and while a demonstration was being held outside the hall by pro-Palestinian activists, protesting against Ribo over the war in Gaza.

Both concerts took place despite the threats, and the sound company was even replaced, after the company that was supposed to work at the concerts decided to boycott the events, due to the protesters’ calls to prevent the events. Now that Ribo has returned to Israel, he is talking about his feelings.

"We were delighted to return home before Shabbat. We are still digesting the full range of emotions we experienced only a few days ago at the concert at Harvard University in Boston," Ribo wrote.

ישי ריבו בהרווארדשימי סוקול

"We went to sing for our brothers and sisters, the Jewish students who are having a difficult time overseas. We want them to know that they are never alone. We thank them for standing by us immediately after the massacre. Thanks to all those who helped us, on the front line and the home front alike.

"Despite the many attacks and hatred that others tried to spread, we were together and sang loudly with one big heart. Thank you for your support and prayers. We feel confident that light overcomes darkness.

"Thank you Hashem! Am Yisrael Chai."