Musician Ari Green has released a new music video to speak to the many different feelings throughout Israel and Jewish communities around the world as the war continues.

"In the aftermath of profound tragedy, the Jewish community has turned inward, discovering resilience and determination amidst seemingly insurmountable obstacles," Green explains.

The music video includes imagery from the destroyed towns in southern Israel, displays calling for the recovery of the hostages, and bereaved families, blended with images of newly planted fields, Israeli towns, IDF forces, and mass prayer gatherings for Israel's success in the war and the safe recovery of the hostages. "This song serves as a reflection of our people's emotional journey during this time, capturing the essence of our collective spirit and unwavering hope for the future."

Part of the chorus is the Hebrew verse from Psalms 142:6: "I cry to you, O LORD; I say, "You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living." The psalm is attributed to King David, while he hid in a cave to escape unjust pursuit, and describes his feelings of having no one to turn to for assistance but God.

"It is a testament to our enduring strength, our capacity to overcome hardship, and our unwavering commitment to emerge stronger and more united than ever before," Green concluded.