It's par for the course to see Progressive American Jews close their eyes and minds to reality as they continue to follow the Democrat breadcrumb trail that leads to the suicidal Masada-like cliff from which they'll willingly jump. Nothing helps in the effort to un-hypnotize them from the lies they ingest reading the NYT and watching MSNBC, even the blocking of Times Square by pro-Hamas protestors when a grenade was found by a cab driver.

They've been doing it since they disembarked at Ellis island and started working as loyal Socialist/Communist labor union members. Nothing has changed even though there are no more Jewish shipping clerks, taxi drivers or garment workers living in the "projects". They are now upper middle class but 70% are still thinking like their immigrant forebearers. Political stagnation. Or is it stupidity?

They are committed to a party whose titular leader is the nation's President, Joe Biden, obviously suffering from cognitive decline. And he, in turn, is under the influence and control of his party's radical congressional element led by The Squad, composed of Jew/Israel/America haters such as AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and a coven of other similar thinking black legislators.

This relationship obviously bodes no good for all Jews, American or Israeli. So, the big question is, why don't liberal Jews see the dangers posed to them and their brethren in continuing their loyalty to the Democrat Party? Why don't they terminate this relationship?

Question: Would blacks continue to remain loyal to a party that advocates for a return to the days of the KKK, poll taxes or separate water fountains? Of course not. They have more self serving, political intelligence than Jews.

We see our administration's current stalwart hostility to Israel's attempts to wipe out Hamas after the October 7th slaughter from Gaza. We see Anthony Blinken's sympathy, not for the victims but for the perpetrators of this mini-Holocaust. We hear of Biden's proposal to hand over hundreds of millions of American $ to Gaza...oops! to Hamas, for rearming and militarizing the area for future Oct. 7th-like slaughters.

There is no Biden/Blinken call for Gazan citizens to turn over Hamas terrorists who hide among them, who use them as human shields.. Or to tell us where the hostages are. Their only demand is for Israel to stop the "persecution" of "innocent" Gazans.

It's out there in the open for all to see. Americans are overwhelmingly pro-Israel but their leadership is now aligned with the terrorists in Gaza and the Palestinian Arab Occupied 'West Bank'.

Strange when you come to think of it: Trump is a total supporter of Israel and just how many Jews support him? When, if ever, will American Jews awaken to the dangers to them, their families and all of us, from the Far Left, Radical, Jew/America hating Democrat Party they continue to support? Don't hold your breath.