First lady Jill Biden was interrupted four times by pro-Palestinian Arab protesters as she spoke at an event in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday.

“It’s a genocide, Jill!” yelled one of the four demonstrators as he was being forcibly escorted out of the venue by security, according to NBC News.

The main focus of the first lady’s remarks was supposed to be on women’s issues, including abortion rights, but within 13 seconds of beginning her remarks, the first protester piped up.

Less than two minutes later, the second followed. Within 30 seconds of the second disruption, the first lady offered an explanation for keeping her appearance there so short.

“I'm sorry to have to come and go so quickly,” said Biden, adding, “Wind storms in Nevada are impacting my travel.”

As she was beginning to gather steam in her speech, the third protester shouted out.

President Biden has been dogged by pro-Palestinian Arab protesters at his public events for months, with his team taking steps to shield him from the public shaming over his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

Biden has had to switch to smaller events, the locations of which are kept hushed until the last possible moment to evade protesters, according to NBC News.