Daniel Hagari, IDF spokesman
Daniel Hagari, IDF spokesmanFlash90

IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari on Saturday night responded to the deaths of three IDF soldiers on Friday.

"Over the weekend, IDF operations continued throughout Gaza. Yesterday, three IDF soldiers were killed during combat in eastern Khan Yunis: Sergeant Dolev Malka, Sergeant Afik Tery and Sergeant Inon Itzhak. May their memory be a blessing," Hagari said. "With them, 14 soldiers were injured in varying conditions. The soldiers received immediate medical treatment from the medical and rescue teams of Unit 669 and were evacuated to receive further medical treatment in hospitals."

"The IDF’s representatives have notified the families of the fallen and injured soldiers and are accompanying them during this difficult time. Our hearts are with the families."

He explained, "The incident took place during the troops’ operations to search terrorist infrastructure, during which two explosive devices, set up by Hamas in a building, detonated. Parts of the building collapsed as a result of the explosions, which were activated one after the other. We are reviewing the incident and studying it for the continuation of combat."

At the same time, Hagari added, IDF forces are continuing operations in areas adjacent to the border.

"These are mere kilometers from the communities of southern Israel. It is from these areas that terrorists headed out on October 7 and carried out the massacre in Kissufim, Ein HaShlosha, Nirim and Nir Oz. We must clear this area. The tolls taken by war are heavy and painful. Every fallen and injured soldier is a whole world," he emphasized.