Ditza and Meirav on the stage
Ditza and Meirav on the stageArutz Sheva

The families of Israelis held hostage in Gaza held a mass unity rally Paris Square in Jerusalem, titled, "United for the Release of the Hostages."

The Saturday evening rally follows the families' four-day march from Gaza to Jerusalem, which was joined by tens of thousands. The theme of the unity rally featured pairs of family members speaking, representing the cross-section of Israelis whose loved ones' fates are intertwined as hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

At the rally, the families of the hostages delivered a message to the Prime Minister and security cabinet: "We stand united and give you the support you need to complete the deal. Do not miss this chance, bring all the hostages home now."

Ditza Or, mother of hostage Avinatan Or: "We are here this evening at a unity rally, the opposite of unity is not conflict but fear. Not fear of the other, but fear of oneself. Fear of the great light that each of us has within. Each is busy with their own unique task for the goal. When each does this in the most dedicated, honest and precise way - we have the greatest achievements that will bring our hostages home in peace. There is room for everyone. We don't need to be uniform."

Meirav Leshem Gonen, mother of hostage Romi Gonen: "We are all here together, and the people of Israel together, for the common goal - bringing the hostages home. This evening three more families became bereaved families. Each one of us is light and only when we allow it to exist, are we strong and mighty. Unity means we mobilize together for our shared goals. We came here to strengthen the Prime Minister and the belief that this is possible now. An agreement can be advanced now, we can demonstrate our power now and bring them home."

Sigalit Cohen, mother of hostage Eliya Cohen, said: "We are at the end of the unity march and I want to tell the people of Israel, thank you for marching with us, the people of Israel in all its diversity. We proved to ourselves that we can leave disagreements in the past for the sake of returning our loved ones. Thanks to the heroic soldiers who fight to return the hostages and do so together. Only together will we be victorious."

"I appeal here to the Prime Minister and security cabinet: See our unity as families and as a nation. We all have one goal: to bring our loved ones home. We give you the power and wisdom to return them all. Leave no one behind in Gaza. Thanks to Eliya and the hostages, the people of Israel have united."

Niva Wenkert, mother of hostage Omer Wenkert, added: "On 7.10 we all learned the hard way that our enemies are not from within. We absorbed, and unfortunately still absorb, difficult losses of the best of us. And so we must not forget for a moment: in their deaths they commanded us unity! See what a wonderful, united and strong nation stands here with us to provide backup to IDF commanders and soldiers, and call with us for the release of the hostages. Prime Minister and cabinet members - it is in your hands. Return hope to the nation - return the hostages."

Nissan Kalderon, brother of hostage Ofer Kalderon, uncle of Hamas captivity survivors Sahar and Erez Kalderon: "In an insecure world I and Sharon would likely have never met, but our fates became tied and we became family. We fight together to return our loved ones. 148 days and we are still here with unbearable pain. 148 days that the hostages wait for the moment to return to life. Our Erez and Sahar returned after 52 days in hell, so we know what it means for my brother and the other hostages held by these monsters."

"The thousands who joined the march filled me with hope. This unity will bring them home. We call on the decision makers to take the action that will unite the nation. Bring the hostages home. Their lives are in your hands. This is the mission that will return to the nation its future. Thank you to all the security forces for the people's connection and unity. Now is your time to do whatever necessary and bring them all home now."

Sharon Sharabi, brother of the late Yossi Sharabi and hostage Eli Sharabi held in Gaza, stressed, "Leaders of Israel - we all elected you first and foremost to make peace among ourselves, and inner peace means mutual responsibility for each and every one of us for our brothers and children who have remained behind for almost 150 days now. We stand here week after week counting the seconds of the hostages there without food or water. We stand because our day and night will not rest without them all being here."

"My brother Yossi's time sadly ran out, and we will bury him in the land of Israel. My brother Eli and the other hostages we will bring home alive. Eli lost his entire family and Yossi lost his life in captivity. We lost four members of my family, your family. We do not intend to bring a fifth coffin here."

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