Following the launches that were carried out on Friday from the Gaza Strip into Zikim in Israel, IDF aircraft struck in the location from which the launches were carried out in the northern Gaza Strip. Additional terror targets in the area, including launching pits and terrorist infrastructure used by the Hamas terrorist organization, were also struck.

In addition, in response to the launches that were carried out toward the city of Sderot on Thursday, IDF troops directed an aircraft to strike the terrorist infrastructure from which the launches were fired.

IDF troops are continuing to operate in western Khan Yunis. Over the past day, the troops killed terrorists and located weapons in the area including explosive devices, grenades, AK-47 rifles, and vests. In addition, the brigade's fire control center directed aircraft to a series of strikes that eliminated eight terrorists, including those carrying a suspicious explosive object near the troops.

Furthermore, IDF troops killed approximately 20 terrorists in the central Gaza Strip since Friday. During one incident, the brigade's fire control center identified a terrorist cell loading weapons onto a vehicle driving adjacent to the troops. An aircraft was promptly directed to strike and thwart the cell.

In a separate incident, multiple terrorist cells operating near the troops were swiftly eliminated through coordinated efforts between the fire control center and ground forces.

Three terrorists were also eliminated in an aircraft strike in the Rimal area.

IDF troops from the Multidimensional Unit are also continuing to operate in the central Gaza Strip. The soldiers eliminated a number of terrorists using an innovative offensive tool.