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IDF forcesIDF

Yediot Ahronot reports that the IDF General Staff has stated that the IDF requires an urgent addition of at least 7,000 soldiers, of which approximately half will be sent to combat roles.

This number is in addition to the soldiers already scheduled to be drafted in the nearest draft cycles. Additionally, the IDF demands a budget for another 7,500 officers, of which the Treasury has thus far approved only 2,500.

“These numbers are unprecedented and show the shock that the IDF has suffered after 150 days of war, beginning on October 7th,” the report stated.

582 soldiers have been killed in action since the war broke out, and several thousand more have suffered physical and psychological damage that prevents them from returning to service.

The IDF Medical Corps has stated that they have lost 38 doctors, paramedics, and medics since the war began. The commander of the Logistics Department, General Michel Yanko, has demanded that all support soldiers who have been in Gaza since the first day of the war be recognized as combat support soldiers, which would mean a change in salary for the troops in question.