Security forces operate to arrest terrorist
Security forces operate to arrest terroristIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israeli security forces arrested a senior member of the security department of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Kan 11 News reported on Thursday evening.

The arrest was carried out several months ago, but was only cleared for publication now. The arrest is considered dramatic, since the detainee was responsible for the security of Hamas’ senior officials, especially those from the political level, headed by Yahya Sinwar.

In his interrogations, the official provided valuable information about the conduct of senior Hamas officials in Gaza. In addition, he provided information about things he was exposed to during his work in the days leading up to the murderous terrorist attack on October 7 and in the days of the beginning of the war until his arrest.

IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari this week commented on the pursuit of Sinwar and said at the conference of the World Zionist Organization, "I don't think the question is where the target is. We will reach him - dead or alive. However long it takes - we will do it."

He added, "We are gathering our intelligence, we are doing many things, taking risks and it will happen."