Site of terrorist attack in Eli
Site of terrorist attack in EliNadav Goldstein/TPS

The terrorist who carried out the murderous attack in Eli is Muhammad Manasra, who is affiliated with Fatah.

He served as a Palestinian police officer, at a rank equivalent to major.

Manasara had two previous prison terms, and was last released from the Ofer prison in 2019, after serving a prison sentence for illegal carrying of arms.

Two Israelis, aged 50 and 20, were murdered in the attack.

Aviad Gizbar, owner of Hummus Eliyahu at the Eli gas station, recounted how he eliminated the terrorist who murdered two Israelis.

"I was on a refreshing break from battle in Khan Yunis and came here to my place at Humus Eliyahu," said Gizbar adding that "the same terrorists who are in Gaza are the same terrorists who are here. Everywhere they want to destroy us."

Gizbar shouts out, "We must stand up straight, stop being pushed around. It’s time to understand that we are here, and we are here to stay. Stop with the slacking attitude. We must stand up straight, continue the construction. Let's raise our heads high."

He recounted the moments of the attack, "I heard gunshots, I was inside the hummus restaurant. I immediately understood that it was an attack. I shot one bullet so that the terrorist would realize that I was here. I signaled to him, I saw that he saw me and started charging in my direction."

He added, "I took position and shot him. We took him down. I continued scanning the area and saw that there were no other risks. That's how the incident ended."