Aviad Gizbar, owner of Hummus Eliyahu at the Eli gas station, recounted how he eliminated the terrorist who murdered two Israelis.

אביעד גזבר מחסל את המחבלמצלמת אבטחה

"I was on a break from battle in Khan Yunis and came here to my place at Humus Eliyahu," said Gizbar adding that "the same terrorists who are in Gaza are the same terrorists who are here. Everywhere they want to destroy us."

Gizbar shouts out, "We must stand up straight, stop being pushed around. It’s time to understand that we are here, and we are here to stay. Stop with the slacking attitude. We must stand up straight, continue the construction. Let's raise our heads high."

He recounted the moments of the attack, "I heard gunshots, I was inside the hummus restaurant. I immediately understood that it was an attack. I shot one bullet so that the terrorist would realize that I was here. I signaled to him, I saw that he saw me and started charging in my direction."

He added, "I took position and shot him. We took him down. I continued scanning the area and saw that there were no other risks. That's how the incident ended."

Two Israelis were murdered in the attack. They were shot while sitting in a car. The terrorist who carried out the attack is apparently a resident of the Qalandiya refugee camp.

Head of the Binyamin regional council, Israel Ganz, from the scene of the attack: “Two people were murdered in this horrific and painful attack. The terror here is identical to the terror in Gaza, with the same terrorists and the same goals. We must mount a crushing assault against the terror in Judea and Samaria. We must go into the city centers, destroy the terrorist infrastructure and eradicate the terrorists completely, just as is being done in Gaza.”

Ariel Elmaleh, chairman of Eli: "This is a severe attack. Another murderous attack has taken place at the same place as a year ago. The security forces, together with the security officer of Eli, are conducting searches of the area. “Unfortunately, the writing was on the wall.

MK Limor Son Har Melech in response to the attack, "The murderous attack at the Eli gas station proves once again that the Arab enemy in Judea and Samaria is no different from his brothers in Gaza and they both have the same goal - to destroy, kill and annihilate all Jews without distinction. The only solution is an all-out war, without flinching at every manifestation of terrorism, even the smallest, and at the same time expanding settlements and strengthening their brave residents, and not the other way around ... Only when we understand this and act according to this, will we be able to live in our country in safety. I send my heartfelt condolences to the families of the murdered."

MK Dan Iluz said, "The response to the murderous attack should not be feeble calls to calm the area ahead of Ramadan, like you hear in the television studios, but rather exacting a heavy price from the enemy. Complacency invites more terror. Charging a heavy price restores deterrence."

"Besides the elimination of the terrorist and anyone who aided him and the dismantling of the terrorist networks in Israel, we must also intensify our roots in Israel, as a response to those who want to cut us off from here. The response must include more building and actual steps towards applying sovereignty. That's the only way that we will restore peace."