Donald Trump
Donald TrumpREUTERS/Ronda Churchill

The US Supreme Court agreed on Wednesday to decide whether former President Donald Trump may claim immunity in special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion case.

The court agreed to expedite the case and hear arguments the week of April 22, according to CNN.

Trump two weeks ago asked the Supreme Court to rule on the dispute over whether he may claim immunity from prosecution, asking the court to temporarily block a unanimous decision from the DC Circuit that rejected his claims of immunity from election subversion charges.

“Conducting a months-long criminal trial of President Trump at the height of election season will radically disrupt President Trump’s ability to campaign against President Biden,” Trump’s attorneys wrote in their request.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered that the lower court ruling against Trump remain on hold until it decides the issue.

How the Supreme Court responds to Trump’s request will have huge influence on whether – and how quickly – the former President will be put on trial for criminal allegations as he seeks the Republican nomination and presidency again.