Mental health treatment in the IDF
Mental health treatment in the IDFIDF Spokesperson

On Thursday the Medic Corps, in the Technology and Logistics Division, will inaugurate the new mental health services center, which includes the family center for career army service and the combat response unit, a post-trauma treatment clinic for regular servicemen, and the 'Liat' unit, comprised of first-class civilian therapists, who will provide accessible and high-quality response for soldiers in the first and second year of permanent service.

Since the outbreak of the war, the mental health unit of the Medic Corps has operated a network of professionals deployed in all sectors, aimed at giving the best response to the forces needing mental health.

During the fighting, dozens of military personnel entered the Gaza Strip at the request of the commanders, in order to provide initial response to combat soldiers who had experienced various kinds of complex events, while about 85% of the fighters who needed mental treatment returned to combat.

In addition, a 24/7 mental health call center was opened as part of an emergency medicine unit.

The head of the Technology and Logistics Division, Major General Michel Yanko said that "his division has begun the process of improving response services to all IDF servicemen, and as part of this process it was decided to establish the mental health center with the understanding that we are aware of the effects of war on one’s mind and the difficulties arising from this."

"The establishment of the center, and the many resources invested in it, exhibit the expanding professional and valued commitment of the Technology and Logistics Division and the Medic Corps to the mental health of regular and reserve IDF soldiers."

Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Col. Prof. Elon Glazberg, said that "from the first moment of the war, mental health was present, in response to needs from the field to the home front. In light of the great importance of this matter, we have decided to give ultimate attention to mental health as one of the main axes of focus these days - and we are now working on expanding the existing response. The opening of the center will be wonderful news for IDF officers."