Yonatan Ben Chamu
Yonatan Ben Chamuצילום: Loshon HaRa Lo Medaber Elai

Yonatan Ben Chamu is a heroic soldier who was highlighted in the news after his near-death experience in Gaza. Here’s the full story, and his take on October 7.

He entered Gaza in the first ground attack on 11/2. After significant progress, his D9 bulldozer was hit by an RPG (Rocket-propelled Grenade). In those pivotal few moments, he jumped out the little window, saving his life. Laying injured on the floor, he and his director waited for rescue. They arrived at Soroka Hospital by helicopter, stayed there for 6 days, and were then transferred to Sheba Hospital.

That’s when he met the organization Loshon HaRa Lo Medaber Elai (Avoiding Negative Speech). This is what he shared “We were a divided nation, there was Loshon Hora between the groups in Israel, and I truly believe this caused the war. Hamas surprised us because they realized we were not united.

I’m now an ambassador for this project and spread this message by speaking in schools, in the hope that we can be united after this war.” He ends off by inviting people to join him by supporting the cause, sharing the video, and spreading the message. Rak B’Yachad N’natzeiach!

Click here to watch Yonatan speak on the campaign page>>

The cause he invites people to support is the organization Loshon HaRa Lo Medaber Elai (Avoiding Negative Speech). Since the start of the war, they have been spreading the message of guarding one’s tongue and spreading love to hundreds of fighting and injured soldiers.


The organization relies on funds from the public. By donating, you can help more soldiers like Yonatan spread the message that he believes can change the landscape of Israel.

Donations will fund learning programs, healing gatherings, and the distribution of educational materials.