Families of the hostages have started another protest march from Gaza to Jerusalem, using the slogan "United to Free the Hostages."

The march departed Wednesday morning from the site of the Supernova festival and is led by 70 families along Route 232, along with musical accompaniment.

Freed hostage Sharon Cunio, who was released along with her two daughters, is still awaiting the return of her husband David. “There are no words to express our thanks. I also want to say that I am thinking of the bereaved families. They are all true heroes, and each one who fought is beyond description. I ask that anyone who can join us and show your support for our important fight.”

Dekel Lifshitz, the grandson of hostages Oded and Yocheved Lifshitz, stated: “We have had 145 days of uncertainty, waiting, and hope. There are 134 people from our families that we are waiting to see return so that we may embrace them.”

“Everyone living here demands the obvious - that we prove to ourselves that no matter what, our state will always be behind us, and our source of pride and power.”

Niv Cohen, a friend of hostages Evyatar and Gai Gilboa-Dalal, as well as as well as a survivor of the Supernova festival, commented: “Right where we are standing, I was saved from the Holocaust of October 7th at the Supernova festival and in the Gaza region. We were five friends, two of them cruelly murdered, two captured for too long, and me. I left my soul here, somewhere among these trees around us that hid me for so many hours.”

“I used to be a soldier, and I admire every soldier who left everything for four-and-a-half months of war, during which the IDF made significant achievements. Now it is time to bring them back, so that we can recover, and that each of them can have the option to seek rehabilitation.”

Ronen and Orna Neutra, the parents of hostage Omer Neutra, stated: “We have counted 145 days so far. Who would ever have believed we have still not managed to recover Omer? We have nothing else to say, and no more strength, and I want to go somewhere where the press can't reach and ignore everything until there's a breakthrough and they call us to tell us that they have Omer. I understand there is nowhere to run to escape this nightmare and that there is no comparison between our nightmare and that of Omer, which I cannot even imagine. Instead, I get up over and over and over again, and I will travel to the ends of the Earth, and speak in the name of my beloved son who has been silenced for 145 days. From those painful hours, we have gathered ourselves together as our beautiful nation. We are so beautiful when united, and when all our talents and capabilities are focused on a single goal.”