As part of cooperation between Israel and the international community, Jordan, France, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and the USA, an air-drop operation brought 160 packages of food and medical equipment into Gaza on Tuesday.

The packages of food and medical equipment were intended for the residents of the southern Gaza Strip and the Jordanian field hospital in Khan Yunis. Following the packages' successful delivery, the operation has ended.

The move was carried out in coordination with the International Cooperation Division of the Strategic Planning and Cooperation Directorate (J5), the Coordination and Liaison Administration to Gaza (CLA) of the COGAT Unit, the 98th Division, and the IAF.

Accordingly, in the last two days, approximately 160 food packages were air-dropped on about 17 different points along the southern coastline of the Gaza Strip using American, Egyptian, Emirati, French and Jordanian planes carrying food and medical equipment intended for the residents of the southern Gaza Strip.

In addition, as part of the activity, food packages, medical equipment and fuel supplies were air-dropped for the benefit of the ongoing activity of the Jordanian Field Hospital in Khan Yunis.

The operation is in addition to the humanitarian aid that entered the Strip and is coordinated with all the relevant authorities.