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This Wednesday, the nation comes together to honor the valor and sacrifice of 500 soldiers who are returning home after serving on the front lines in Gaza.

Shomrei Yisrael is organizing an Evening of Gratitude, a special event designed to celebrate their safe return and recognize the courage these young men and women have shown in the face of adversity.

The battlefield in Gaza has tested their limits, confronted them with the harshest realities of war, and demanded immense bravery. Many have lost close comrades, witnessed the devastation of conflict firsthand, and endured physical and emotional scars. Despite these challenges, they have continued to stand guard, ensuring the safety and security of our people.

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In response to their immense sacrifice, we are calling on our community to come together and contribute to making this evening a memorable one. The event will feature music, inspiring talks from leaders and heroes, and exceptional gourmet dining. It's a gesture of our collective gratitude, aimed at showing these brave souls just how much their service means to us.

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This Evening of Gratitude isn't just about celebrating our soldiers' return; it's about acknowledging the sacrifices they've made for our nation's security and showing them that their bravery does not go unnoticed. Let us come together to give these heroes the welcome home they truly deserve.

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