hostagesMiriam Alster/FLASH90

A document from the hostage and ceasefire talks in Paris revealed that the US proposal would see Israel release 404 terrorists and security prisoners and pause its military operations in Gaza in exchange for Hamas releasing 40 of the 134 hostages the terrorist organization still holds captive in Gaza, Channel 13 News reported.

According to the report, 15 of the freed hostages would be adults over the age of 50, 13 ill hostages, and seven women. In addition, five female IDF soldiers will be released.

About ten security prisoners and terrorists would be released for every hostage released by Hamas.

Hamas is reportedly demanding that terrorists serving lengthy prison sentences for serious crimes be released due to the release of any IDF soldiers. In addition, the terrorist organization is demanding the release of 47 terrorists who were released as part of the 2011 Schalit deal and subsequently rearrested.

Over 90 hostages would remain in Hamas' clutches should this outline be implemented. About 32 of the hostages are believed to have been killed while being held by Hamas or during their kidnapping on October 7.

However, the report notes that the existence of this outline does not indicate that any significant progress has been made in efforts to reach a deal to free the hostages, largely because Hamas is uninterested in making progress in the talks.