New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and his conservative government have decided to reverse the previous government's decision to ban the sale of cigarettes in the country.

The law passed by the previous government led by Jacinda Ardern intended to completely ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 2009, which over the years would lead to a total ban on the sale of tobacco.

This is the strictest anti-smoking law the world has ever known and was supposed, among others, to reduce the amount of nicotine for those in the country who do smoke and are not included in the law.

Researchers and public health officials in the country criticized the decision and called it "shameful." On the other hand, the New Zealand government promises that they will present a better plan to combat smoking.

Following the decision in New Zealand, which was the first country in the world to ban smoking, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also promised that he would work for an overall ban on smoking in Great Britain.