Yishai Ribo
Yishai RiboDov Ber Hechtman

Pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators are trying to prevent singer Ishay Ribo’s concert, scheduled for Tuesday night near Harvard University in Boston.

In the ads, the protesters claim: "The staff at the hall where the concert is supposed to take place boycotted the event and an outside team was hired. Join us for the demonstration."

The concert has been organized by Beit Chabad in Harvard who responded: "Voices of Jew hatred and anti-Israel have been aimed in the last day towards the Harvard Chabad and singer Ishay Ribo. Ishay is a person who symbolizes love and peace. His music awakens the soul and fosters the consciousness – both Jewish and human."

They continued to say that "this evening has been created to lift the spirits of Israeli and Jewish students who suffer from antisemitism on college campuses. Love, peace and music will win. Although we do not know if there are going to be any profits from the event, if there are – the money will go to the healing and rebuilding of Israel, which is recovering from an enemy’s attempt to destroy it."

Ishay Ribo responds to the protesters and tells his Jewish fans that "We are ready for this concert. We are standing strong. We are coming with all our strength. To gain more strength together. To be happy together. I thank you for all your support, for your messages and your love. I hope that everything will be good. Am Yisrael Chai. I love you!"