Idan Amedi
Idan AmediMiriam Alster/Flash90

Israeli singer and actor Idan Amedi, who was severely injured while fighting in Gaza, will star in a new campaign for Bank Leumi.

Amedi will not take part in the campaign himself. Rather, the bank purchased the rights to use his well-known song 'BaZman HaAcharon' (Lastely) for the campaign.

Last week, Amedi sharing with his followers a photo of himself from right after his injury.

"One of the doctors in the hospital calls me '360,'" Amedi shared. "He tells me that people tend to think that if you have made a 360 degree turnaround then you are at the starting point again, but for those wounded in battle, the story is a bit different."

"This trip in the sharp, flat, and dull angles of life, of war, changes you, redesigns you, and through it, you are reborn."

Referring to his miraculous recovery, he said, "Sometimes I get this understanding of the miracle that happened to me, but honestly I don't think that I will ever comprehend it. That's how it is with miracles - you need to accept them and mostly not forget that they happened, sanctify the gift that you received, with all the angles and fractures, remind yourself especially that the journey is exhausting, that there are a lot more beautiful things to see."

"This is my second happy-sad birthday in two months. Thanks be to G-d for all of the free gifts and thanks to all the well-wishers. At some point I will manage to thank all of you, and here's to a life of adventures to come."

Amedi ended his post by captioning the photo, "In the photo: Anonymous, 22, in the trauma department."