On Monday evening, IDF fighter jets struck a launch site in the area of Kawkaba from which dozens of launches were carried out toward the Golan Heights approximately an hour prior.

Over the past hours, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah military compounds in the area of Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon.

Earlier on Monday, an IDF tank struck an additional Hezbollah military compound in Kfarkela.

On Monday morning, an IAF UAV operating in Lebanese airspace was shot down by the Hezbollah terror group, which fired a missile towards it.

Earlier Monday morning, sirens sounded in the Jezreel Valley after a David's Sling interceptor missile was fired towards a suspicious object. The target was identified in Lebanon as it made its way to the Galilee, and was shot down. A video clip from Kfar Tavor shows parts of the interceptor missile which fell near the town's synagogue.

On Monday morning, the "David’s Sling" aerial defense system intercepted a surface-to-air missile that was fired toward an Israeli Air Force UAV operating in Lebanon.

Following the launch of the interceptor, sirens were sounded in the area of Alon Tavor in northern Israel.

No injuries were reported.

A short while later, an additional missile launch toward the UAV was identified and the UAV fell inside Lebanese territory.