Hassan Hossein Salami
Hassan Hossein Salamino credit

The IDF confirmed this evening (Monday) that the commander of the eastern region of the Hezbollah terrorist organization, Hassan Hossein Salami, had been killed in an IAF airstrike.

"An IDF aircraft targeted and eliminated Hassan Hossein Salami, the Hezbollah terrorist responsible for the Hajir region, in a strike in southern Lebanon," the IDF stated.

Salami was part of Hezbollah’s Nasser Unit and commanded recent terrorist activities by Hezbollah against Israeli civilians and soldiers, including anti-tank missile launches toward Kiryat Shmona and the headquarters of the 769th Brigade.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah launched about 50 rockets from Lebanon towards the Golan Heights this afternoon (Monday). The organization claimed that the barrage was aimed at the headquarters of the Golan Division - with one of the rockets striking an Israeli site.

Hezbollah claimed that the attacks were in retaliation to IDF airstrikes in which two operatives were killed.